Mystic Park Membership Update

Mystic Park Membership Update

Following the announcement by Alpine Community Plantation (ACP) that a new Pay-To-Play Membership Model has been introduced for Mystic MTB Park, the Alpine Cycling Club has the following statement for members:


When news broke in July that Mystic MTB Park was in danger of closure, the Alpine Cycling Club and its members were, understandably, distressed by the news, and the possible loss of this vital community asset.


Mystic Park is hugely valuable to Bright and surrounds, and to our club. It is a place of enjoyment and recreation for our members and the wider community, and we are very fortunate to have this world-class park right on our doorstep.


The Alpine Cycling Club and its members have been instrumental in the creation and development of Mystic Park over many years. The popularity of the park is largely due to the trail-building and maintenance work of ACC volunteers.


ACC members deeply value the mountain bike park, and the contribution it provides to our local community. The club is hugely appreciative of ACP and the land manager, HVP, for giving us access to this invaluable asset.


Club volunteers have spent hundreds of hours in the weeks since July working with ACP and the Alpine Shire to find a way to keep Mystic Park open and secure its future.


The best way to do that, at the current time, is via a user-pays system, as announced this week by ACP.


However, we understand that, after years of free access, paying to ride your local trails may be difficult for some club members to accept. Unfortunately, the situation is very clear – if riders do not support Mystic Park financially now, it will not survive into the future.


Therefore, ACC strongly encourages our members to get behind Mystic Park, take out a Mystic Membership, and to encourage friends, family members, and visitors to do the same.


We are pleased to have secured discounted Mystic Memberships for ACC members, in recognition of the contribution that our club and our members have made to Mystic over the years, and the work we will all continue to do in the future.


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