The Alpine Cycling Club works closely with local stakeholders to promote cycling and a healthy active lifestyle.


The majority of the trails in Mystic Park are built and maintained by Alpine Cycling Club volunteers over many years with funds raised mostly by club run events.


Majority of the land that Mystic Park is located on is leased by HVP as a working pine plantation and is managed by Alpine Community Plantations for recreational use.  Alpine Cycling Club have a seat on the board of Alpine Community Plantation, however, we are a separate entity and the club is not involved in the day to day decision making and financial administration of ACP.


The Mountain bike Park also runs along some government-owned land managed by DELWP, Alpine Cycling Club work closely with DELWP in making sure the trails located on their land are safe to ride and good for the environment.


The towns 2 local bike shops and the Bright Brewery are great supporters of the Alpine Cycling Club and cycling in general. We are who we are today thanks the the support they’ve showed us.