ACC Trail Construction at Mystic MTB Park


The majority of the trails in Mystic Park are built and maintained by Alpine Cycling Club volunteers over many years with funds raised mostly by club run events.

The land that Mystic Park is located on is leased by HVP as a working pine plantation and is managed by Alpine Community Plantations for recreational use.   Alpine Cycling Club have a seat on the board of Alpine Community Plantation, however we are a separate entity and the club is not involved in the day to day decision making and financial administration of ACP.

For more information on Mystic Park Bright visit their Facebook page

Other parts of Mystic MTB park are land managed by DELWP.


Construction of trails in Mystic MTB park is an ACP-managed process that all ACC club members are welcome to be a part of and contemplates the requirements of the land managers and trails are built to a sustainable standard and level of safety that ensure all users can enjoy the park safely.

Any member of the ACC has the opportunity to plan, and construct a new trail within Mystic MTB Park, and the following steps need to be followed. Please note that any new trail needs to be supported by ACC, and the Club will maintain an ongoing role in developing the new trail. 

ACP is currently accepting New Trail Applications in the below areas:


1. Identify location for awesome new trail after checking the map

2. Make contact with the ACC Trail Planning Coordinator and ACC Trail Maintenance Coordinator to discuss your basic idea of trail location. 

3. These committee members will then consult the Mystic MTB park master plan / approved location map, and make a very quick assessment relating to existing trails, and pre-approved trails. 

4. ACC Trail Construction Coordinator provides support for application to proceed to ACC MTB Sub-Committee meeting

5. Trail discussed at MTB Sub-Committee meeting / via email and ACC approval confirmed / denied.  

6. Trail Lead to walk the proposed line of the trail, flag with trail flagging tape (available from the club rooms) and record a GPX file at the same time.  The suggested application for this is MotionX-GPS.  You will need to include this GPX file when submitting your trail construction request

7. Trail Lead to submit application to ACP via online form (Trail Application Form (

(Note that approvals are valid for 3 months, and work must be completed within 6 months.)

8. ACP to provide approval/refusal and notify key stakeholders of the decision.

9. Trail Lead, in conjunction with ACC, to commence detailed planning of trail. Arrange two club walk-throughs of your proposed trail alignment.  One of these must be on a week-day, and one on a weekend.  This gives all interested members the opportunity to see what you propose, and to then provide feedback and advice. 

NOTE – You do not need to change your plan based on other members’ advice, but please keep an open mind.

10. Trail Lead to liaise with ACC Communications Officer to add new trail and volunteering opportunities to ACC website / social media. 

11. Trail building starts: working bees, dig days/ Agreed OH&S requirements including PPE and signage, trail constructions and volunteer guidelines are met.

12. Trail building deemed complete by Trail Lead

13. Works to be inspected by ACC rep (Trail construction coordinator and/or MTB coordinator and/or Maintenance coordinator)

14. Trail Lead submit completed trail checklist to ACP to confirm works are complete.

15. ACP coordinate signage, marketing material, Trailforks, update map and open trail.

For more information, please contact