ACC Trail Construction at Mystic MTB Park

Constructing and Modifying Trails in Mystic MTB Park

The majority of the trails in Mystic Park are built and maintained by Alpine Cycling Club volunteers over many years with funds raised mostly by club run events.


The land that Mystic Park is located on is leased by HVP as a working pine plantation and is managed by Alpine Community Plantations for recreational use.   Alpine Cycling Club have a seat on the board of Alpine Community Plantation, however we are a separate entity and the club is not involved in the day to day decision making and financial administration of ACP.

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Other parts of Mystic MTB park are land managed by DELWP.

Construction of trails in Mystic MTB park is a managed process that all ACC club members are welcome to be a part of and contemplates the requirements of the land managers and trails are built to a sustainable standard and level of safety that ensure all users can enjoy the park safely.


ACC Trail Construction/ Modification Process

Any member of the ACC has the opportunity to plan, and construct a new trail within Mystic MTB Park, the following steps need to be followed.


Step1:  Make contact with the Trail Planning Coordinator to discuss your basic idea of trail location, please consider how your proposed trail addresses these criteria,

  • scope, type, grade of trail
  • trail description
  • its contribution to Mystic, IE Links, any other additional value

The Trail Planning Coordinator will then consult the Mystic MTB park master plan, and make a very quick assessment relating to existing trails, and pre-approved trails.

If there are no conflicts, the Trail Planning Coordinator will issue you a copy of the Trail Construction or Modification application form for you to complete.


Step2:   Submit the completed trail construction application to the Trail Planning Coordinator.

This will then be included in the agenda for the next club MTB meeting for discussion \ approval.


Step3:  Now you have obtained club approval, there are a number of other parties that must be consulted.

The Trail Planning Coordinator will contact the following external parties (as required) for approval.

  • HVP Plantations
  • Alpine Community Pines (ACP).
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP)
  • Alpine Shire Council
  • North East Water Catchment Management Authority (NECMA)
  • North East Victoria Hand Gliding Club (NEVHGC)


Step4: Once approval has been obtained from all relevant parties, you will need to start a more detailed plan of the exact alignment of your trail.  If you are un-skilled at trail planning and construction, ACC has many experienced trail builders that will be more than happy to assist and provide direction.


Step5:  Arrange two club walk-throughs of your proposed trail alignment.  One of these must be on a weekday, and one on a weekend.  This gives all interested members the opportunity to see what you propose, and to then provide feedback and advice.


Step6: Construction can now begin.  Depending on your trail application, you may want to approach the club to arrange working bees, or ask specific club members for help in different areas.   As the leader of the project you must make sure that all works meet the clubs trail construction guidelines and policies.  All volunteers are to be briefed before starting work, and must also have the appropriate PPE, and safety equipment and be compliant with the ACC trail safe policy.  If ANY chainsaw work is needed, this must be completed by an authorised ACC Chainsaw operator.


Step7:   Once trail construction is complete, an authorised club representative will need to make a final assessment, to ensure the trail has been built in a sustainable manner, and that it is safe to ride.  Once this is complete, the club will let ACP know that it is ready for opening, and appropriate signage can be organised, and TrailForks and associated maps can be updated.



I want build a new trail in Mystic, how do I go about that?

Are ACC members doing volunteer maintenance covered by insurance?

  • Only if work is sanctioned and authorised by ACC and volunteer member meets requirements.

Is there an age limit for doing volunteer trail construction work?

  • Yes, if under 18 ( and must be over 14 ) years old there will need to be qualified adult guidance.

Can I just a build a trail anywhere I like?

  • No, Mystic MTB park is bound by agreements between the landowners, land managers, the Alpine Cycling Club through Mystic Park, who authorises approved trails plans which are compliant with the relevant requirements .
  • HVP is a working pine plantation and harvesting follows a schedule, trails are constructed and modified with this in mind, trail construction and modification takes considerable effort and expense and is done where the trail can last as long as possible, to be enjoyed by all.
  • All trails need to be built to a standard and be rated to a level of difficulty that is easily understood by all riders, ACC ensures all trails it constructs  meet those standards.