Mystic MTB Park

The majority of the trails in Mystic Park are built and maintained by Alpine Cycling Club volunteers over many years with funds raised mostly by club run events.


The land that Mystic Park is located on is leased by HVP as a working pine plantation and is managed by Alpine Community Plantations for recreational use.  Alpine Cycling Club have a seat on the board of Alpine Community Plantation, however we are a separate entity and the club is not involved in the day to day decision making and financial administration of ACP.


For more information on Mystic Park Bright visit their Facebook page here

ACC & Mystic Park Membership bennefits.

The following is how the Alpine Cycling Club in agreement with ACP will provide access to private shuttling in Mystic Park under the forthcoming fee structure:
  • A minimum of 3 hours per month of volunteer trail maintenance qualifies for Season Pass for ACC members who have paid annual membership.
  • Hours are captured and reviewed utilising Trailforks application
  • Trail work can only be conducted by persons formally inducted by ACC to Mystic Park
  • Any mechanical tools and / or chemical use in trail maintenance can only be conducted by Club authorised members ( this includes chainsaws and brushcutters ).



What are opportunities other than volunteer trail maintenance work to access shuttles other than with Blue Dirt for ACC members?

  • Club authorised shuttle days
  • Club organised programs ( such as development sessions )
  • Friday Frothers sessions on Friday evenings ( when open )

Will there be limits on amounts of vehicles entering Mystic Park?

  • Yes, ACP are looking at introducing a limitation especially in peak periods and non-sanctioned ACC activities.

Are ACC members doing volunteer maintenance covered by insurance?

  • Only if work is sanctioned and authorised by ACC and volunteer member meets requirements.

Is there an age limit for doing volunteer maintenance work?

  • Yes, if under 18 ( and must be over 14 ) years old there will need to be qualified adult guidance.

Can ACC Shuttle Passes be cancelled?

  • Yes, if behaviour in Mystic Park is inappropriate or unsafe.
  • Yes, if minimal volunteer maintenance work hours is not met over a reasonable time period.




The Alpine Cycling Club is ever-evolving to offer it’s members more. If you’re contemplating an MTBA race licence, find comfort in the fact that we’re planning on running/contributing significantly to 11 mountain bike events over the next 12 months, the Inverted Enduro, 8x Twilight Series, Bright 3hr & the Alfred 6hr. There are other events that could also enter the calendar, such as a Gravity Enduro (tbc). So for those that want to race mountain bikes, there’s value in your membership.


If you’re not fussed on racing but love hitting our local MTB trails there’s also non-racing MTBA licences available that will offer you insurances in case something goes wrong. Club members that hold an MTBA licence also qualify you for car passes into Mystic if you also meet the required trail maintenance volunteer hours.


If you just like to go riding on the rail trail or love scaling some of the local climbs on your road bike we’re working hard to offer these members more too, with special club only organised rides, social events and the odd race (Tour of Bright & ACC Crits). If this sounds like you, you can become a club member via Cycling Australia


We want to make all forms of riding as a club member fun, social and bring our members together for some friendly banter, storytelling and good times!