ACC Trail Maintenance at Mystic MTB Park

Maintaining  Trails in Mystic MTB Park

The majority of the trails in Mystic Park are built and maintained by Alpine Cycling Club volunteers over many years with funds raised mostly by club events.

The land that Mystic Park is located on is leased by HVP as a working pine plantation and is managed by Alpine Community Plantations for recreational use.   Alpine Cycling Club have a seat on the board of Alpine Community Plantation, however we are a separate entity and the club is not involved in the day to day decision making and financial administration of ACP.


For more information on Mystic Park Bright visit their Facebook page


Other parts of Mystic MTB park are land managed by DELWP.


Maintenance of the trails in Mystic MTB park is a managed process that all ACC club members are welcome to be a part of and contemplates the requirements of the land managers and trails are maintained to a sustainable standard and level of safety that ensure all users can enjoy the park safely.

ACC Trail Maintenance

The Alpine Cycling Club helps build and maintain many trails in Mystic Park. With our ever-growing trail network, there is an increasing need for maintenance.


If you enjoy riding the mountain bike trails at Mystic and would like to contribute to the ongoing support of the trails, please sign up as a volunteer – we would love to have you on board.


To become part of our Volunteer Trail Crew team, please follow these easy steps:


  1. Join the Alpine Cycling Club through AusCycling. (Please note only full members can take part, not AusCycling trial members)
  2. Sign up to so you can submit trail work reports.
  3. Read and sign our Trail Volunteer Safe Work Procedure contract. Please remember to scroll down on the 2nd page and add your signature!
  4. Attend a trail maintenance induction day or working bee.
  5. Get to work, and don’t forget to log your hours in trailforks!


If you have any questions please reach out to


How do I report my time spent doing trail maintenance?

You will need to submit a work report on Trailforks. See​ or this link for the mobile version

Please only report your own time via Trailforks, reporting hours for other people creates extra admin work.


Is there any other method for reporting time spent doing trail work?



Can I do trail maintenance any time by myself?

Yes, except if you are operating any machine, brush cutters, chainsaws etc, then you would need a second person with you.


​How many trail maintenance hours will I have to do to get a Mystic self-shuttle pass?

You will need to have completed 3 hours in the last month to get a pass for the following month.


How often do you run trail maintenance working bees and induction?

We only run these as we have time; there are no scheduled events; please remember we are volunteers. They will be posted on our Facebook page when someone has time to run one.


​How do I join the club?
​Sign up through AusCycling. You must be a paid-up member of one of these associations and the club, ​not a trial member.


How will maintenance hours be reported? ​

You will need to post your hours on Trailforks as a trail report with a description and photos.


If I post my hours on Trailforks now will they count?

Not unless you are a member who has already signed off on our Trail Volunteer Safe Work Procedure policies.


How do I use Trailforks? have an extensive library of support documentation. Please see


​Am I covered under any insurance while doing trail maintenance?

All Club members are covered under Aus Cycling’s insurance while doing maintenance or building trails. 2016-V2.pdf


I have done my hours and posted them on Trailforks, when do I get my Mystic shuttle pass?

Trailwork will be reviewed monthly and details sent to Alpine Community Plantations (ACP). Please remember we are all volunteers and they may be delayed.


​When is the next ACC Trail working bee?

Working Bees are organised by our Volunteer members as they have time and would like help. We are always looking for more Trail Crew Team Leaders to run workings, if you have some experience with trail building and maintenance and would like to run working bees please email


How do I know what trail maintenance needs doing in Mystic.

We always try to post any current issue in Mystic to Trailforks and you can review that at ​
​Trails nearly always need to be raked and have the drains cleared.
Lower trails often need brush cutting to trim the blackberries and ferns back.


Can I use a chainsaw and help remove fallen trees in Mystic?
As per the Trail Volunteer Safe Work Procedure document and our Chainsaw policy document. You also need to have the Cross-Cut and Trim ticket before using a chainsaw in Mystic Park.
The Club will reimburse members who get their chainsaw ticket and completed a number of hours maintenance in Mystic – subject to the ACC Chainsaw policy