Summer MTB Series

The ACC Summer of Shred is about to kick off! In early 2024, our super popular Summer Series will return to Bright. Mystic Park will host 6 weeks of multi-format MTB racing in a fun and exciting race series.

Starting Jan 2 with Dirt Grits and then alternating each week for six weeks between Dirt Crits and Gravity stages, we hope to find out who the king and queens of Mystic are. Each race is held in the early evening and finishes with a social gathering to relive the event.


A short sharp course will see the riders complete the course as many times as they can in the time frame provided plus 1 extra lap. Race circuits will all be blue trails or easier and a mix of climbing, descending and fire trails depending on the night. Approved mountain bike helmets are required and only mountain bikes are allowed. (No gravel or CX)

Race trails will be announced in the days leading up to the race.

Live timing will be provided . And remember, this is just a fun club race, not the Olympics, so play nice and fair.

Ebike / A / B grade (30 minutes + Bell Lap)

C / U15 grade (25 minutes + Bell Lap)

All grades will undertake the same course


A single stage event will see riders tackle one designated ‘race-trail’ as many times as possible within a two hour period. Only your fastest time counts and it’s up to you to plan the best way back to the top. Ride the trail once or non-stop for 2 hours, you decide how much fun you want to have!

Race trails will be mostly descending blue trails, but there may be a sneaky climb thrown in for a bit of extra spice! Full face helmets and knee/ elbow protection is recommended, but not mandatory. Please make a decision based on your own personal preference, giving consideration to the trail conditions and your ability.

Race trails will be announced in the days leading up to the race.

Online timing will be avaliable. Riders will need to self-seed before dropping into the trail. Give the riders in front of you at least a 30 second gap (more if you think you may catch them). And remember, this is just a fun club race, not the Olympics, so play nice and fair.



A basic overview of the event rules is as follows:

  • Riders must ride in the most appropriate category for their age and ability
  • To be eligible for a series overall ranking, riders must compete in the same category for each event they enter. If you’re unsure what ability based category to race, challenge yourself and step up to the higher grade.
  • During gravity rounds, you may ride the course as many times as you wish, but only your fastest time counts
  • After each round, series points will be allocated for each category (excluding under 15). The accumulated series points for each rider in each category will be used to determine the series overall at the end of the series.

A full copy of the event rules can be found here

Stay up to date:

To keep up with all event updates, be sure to follow Alpine Cycling Club on Facebook.


Entries are now open so jump online via the link below and sign up. Each round has a low entry fee and a series entry (6 races) is only $70 for over 15’s and $40 for under 15’s. 

Race as many events as you like, but a series entry is the cheapest way to enjoy the stoke of the full series:

$20 per race (15 and older) or $70 for the entire series (6 Races)

Juniors (U15) $10 per race or $40 for the entire series (6 Races)

PLEASE NOTE: The series entry discount can only be obtained when entering for all the rounds at one time. Series entry discounts are not available after Jan 2nd (First round of the series). Go on… commit to the whole series and get set for a summer of fun!

PLEASE NOTE: All riders must hold a valid AusCycling Racing Licence at the time of the event. You may purchase a day licence for the event via the AusCycling website.

PLEASE NOTE: All riders must hold a valid Mystic Membership for all rounds that take place within Mystic Park (the majority of rounds). Trails will be announced in the week leading up to the event. 


After each race, we will gather for family-friendly, post-event food and rehydration either with a BBQ at the Pump Track or at a local venue to relive the race, share stories (or excuses) and get stoked on how rad riding in Bright is! Presentations will take place here and spot prizes will also be awarded. Food/ drinks will be provided. Get along, be social and have fun!

The location for the post-event party will be announced prior to each race.