Junior MTB Program



Registrations close on Sunday, 24th September 2023. Places are limited so get in quick to secure your child’s spot.

Please note, Registrations for ACC Progression Squad will open shortly at a separate link.

The Alpine Cycling Club Junior Program has been running for many years and is constantly evolving to offer the best opportunities for our up-and-coming young riders.

It is one of the largest junior programs in the country, attracting around 80 junior riders every week. The program incorporates skills coaching and provides a friendly social setting for juniors to enjoy mountain biking together on our fantastic local trails.

The program provides junior riders of all abilities, aged from 4-17 years old, the opportunity to build their mountain biking skills and confidence in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Whether it’s mastering new trails, developing skills, making new friends, supporting racing ambitions or simply having fun outdoors, the program has something to offer every junior rider.




The Alpine Cycling Club has supported more than 15 volunteer ride leaders/assistants to undertake mountain bike instructor training through the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors’ Association (PMBIA). Our instructors are skilled riders trained to teach and coach riders to master techniques and develop new skills.

Supporting our junior riders to become the best they can be through instruction, practice and feedback is a key focus of Junior MTB Club. Coaching will focus on developing junior rider’s foundational skills and manoeuvres to enhance their skills, confidence, safety and enjoyment.


All groups, apart from Magenta, run on a Tuesday afternoon. The girls-only Magenta group runs on a Friday.

Term 4, 2023 Dates: October 10 to December 19, 2023

The program does not run on public holidays and during school holidays.

Time: Arrive at 4:30 pm, ready to ride at 4.45 pm

Location: Mystic Park Trailhead, Coronation Avenue, Bright.


Program Fees for Term 4, 2023

$60 for Alpine Cycling Club Members – First Child

$60 for Alpine Cycling Club Members – Second Child

Capped at $120 per family

All participants must have a current AusCycling Licence and a current Mystic Park membership that is valid for the entire period of the program. The AusCycling membership covers essential insurance requirements for junior riders. The Mystic Park membership allows access to Mystic MTB Park. These licenses are compulsory in order to take part.


Participation in the Junior Mountain Bike Program

Skills coaching throughout the season

ACC Junior Program T-Shirt

Program name plate

Mystic Park Membership (by reimbursement, upon application. More info here)

End of term BBQ

Information about other riding opportunities

A whole lot of MTB fun and friends


The Junior MTB Program caters for a diverse range of junior riders, from new young riders who have just graduated from their balance bike to pedals, to young shredders that mum and dad can no longer keep up with. Groups are arranged so junior riders can ride, learn, and have fun with peers of similar capability, fitness, age and riding interests. Groups are described in the table below. Please ensure you read this information before entering your child.

The program also includes groups specifically for girls aged 8 – 17 years old, with an emphasis on fun, social riding, exploring new trails and skills coaching sessions, proudly supported by #thisgirlcanvic.

Each group category (White, Green, Blue, etc.) generally includes up to two groups of up to 8 junior riders. Each group is led by a volunteer adult ride leader, a volunteer adult ride assistant, and a junior mentor from the progression squad.

Keeping groups at, or below, 8 junior riders enables us to maintain a safe and supportive environment and facilitates effective skills coaching.

Please note: The table below is a guide to help parents select where their child might best fit.

Final group allocations will be made by Group Coordinators and Ride Leaders to achieve the best fit for all participants.



WHITE White riders have progressed from their balance bike (or training wheels) and are ready to take their pedal bikes onto Mystic Park’s mellow lower trails. White group is about becoming a stronger rider while having a tonne of fun on two wheels with friends.


Boys and girls 4 – 6 16” – 20” pedal bike Pump Track, Hot Wheels, Sugar Glider Tuesday 4:30 – 5:45pm
GREEN Green riders are building stronger legs and better bike control, allowing them to ride further and on more challenging trails. Green group are building skills to confidently ride Mystic Park’s green and blue trails. Green riders will learn braking, body position and off-road riding skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


Boys and girls 6 – 8 20” – 24” Roller Coaster, Wombat’s Lair, Progressing to Tombstone, Slider and Shred Kelly Tuesday 4:30 – 6pm
BLUE Blue riders are building their skills, confidence, and stamina. They are riding further and faster on flow trails and beginning to tackle Mystic’s steeper and more technical trails. Coaching for blue riders will include body position, cornering, braking and riding technical features.


Boys and girls 8 – 11 24” – 27.5” Tombstone, Shred Kelly, Down DJ, Progressing to Curtain and Dreamweaver Tuesday 4:30 – 6pm
ORANGE Orange riders are riding further and faster and tackling Mystic Park’s steeper and more technical terrain with confidence. Coaching for orange riders will include cornering, braking, riding technical features, reading the trail and manoeuvres.


Boys and girls 10 – 13 26” – 29” Hero, Curtain, Dreamweaver, Corkscrew, Progressing to Lockdown and Elevation Tuesday 4:30 – 6pm
MAGENTA Magenta is a girls-only group with an emphasis on fun, social riding, exploring new trails and skills coaching sessions, proudly supported by #thisgirlcanvic. Coaching for magenta riders will include cornering, braking, riding technical features, reading the trail and manoeuvres.


Girls only 8 – 12 24” – 29” Shred Kelly, Hero, Curtain, Dreamweaver Friday 4:30 – 6pm
PURPLE Purple is a girls-only group with an emphasis on fun, social riding, exploring new trails and skills coaching sessions, proudly supported by #thisgirlcanvic. Coaching for purple riders will include cornering, braking, riding technical features, reading the trail and manoeuvres. Girls only 12 – 17 24” – 29” Shred Kelly, Hero, Curtain, Dreamweaver Tuesday 4:30 – 6pm


You can register for the Junior MTB program using Entry Boss: https://entryboss.cc/races/17278

You will need to sign up for an Entry Boss account, and create a profile for your children, which includes their Auscycling membership number, before you can register.

Please note:

– Registrations for ACC Progression Squad will be done separately. Please standby for details shortly.

– Registrations CLOSE ON SEPTEMBER 24.

– We will not be accepting late registrations.

– Spaces are limited due to volunteer numbers, so enter early

– Due to our rider cap, riders may only participate in one group/day.  ie, They can ride Tuesday Juniors OR Friday Progression Squad OR Friday ‘Magenta’ Girls Group.


Don’t have an AusCycling license for your child yet? Don’t worry! Follow the steps below to get it now.

Head to: www.auscycling.org.au/membership

Junior Memberships (under 18) are all the same price so we suggest purchasing ‘Race All Discipline’.

While obtaining your AusCycling licence, you will need to select to join Alpine Cycling Club (ACC). This will allow you to pay your club fees in the same transaction.

Once done, return to Entry Boss to complete Junior Program Registration.


All children participating in Junior MTB Club – as well as any adult volunteers – are required to have a valid Mystic Park membership. This is because much of the program takes place within Mystic MTB Park, which requires all riders to be members and sign a waiver.

ACC will reimburse 100% of Mystic fees for club juniors, upon request.

Please head here for information on joining Mystic. All riders and volunteers must have a valid membership for the duration of Junior MTB Club.


Please have your kids at the Mystic Park Trailhead (Coronation Ave), with their group at 4.30 p.m., ready to ride away at 4.45pm.

Ride groups are based on age, ability, fitness, friendships and riding interests. It is important that kids ride with their designated groups so that we can keep track of everyone and maintain ratios.

Our aim is to keep the group sizes at 8 junior riders with two leaders.

Your child will receive a personalised nameplate. Please ensure that emergency contact details are written on the back of that plate and it is attached to their bike every time they participate in a club activity.

All children must wear a helmet, carry a drink bottle or a small backpack with water and wear closed-toed shoes for all riding activities. We strongly recommend all riders wear gloves.

Please make sure that your child’s bike is in good working condition every time they ride. Simple things your child can do every week are to check their tyre pressure, clean and lube their chain, check that brakes and gears are working and make sure there are no loose bits.

 Information about cancellations or changes to the program will be emailed to junior club families and posted on the Alpine Cycling Club Facebook page

Email juniors@alpinecyclingclub.com.au


The successful operation of the Junior Program relies on volunteers. Volunteers are all critical to the safe and effective operation of the program.

We require:

– Volunteer coordinators

– Ride Leaders

– Ride Assistants

– Trail Maintenance Assistants

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way to support juniors to improve their skills, conquer new challenges and share in a heap of fun along the way. Consistent ride leaders help maintain continuity, skills development momentum and a familiar and supportive environment for the juniors. Seeing your group progress, develop and improve is a rewarding experience. Ride leaders that can maintain a regular commitment to lead a group are strongly encouraged.

All volunteers will be invited to participate in a training/induction session prior to the commencement of the program and supported by more experienced volunteers throughout the program.

The Alpine Cycling Club will continue its commitment to junior development by supporting committed volunteers to undertake professional mountain bike coaching training.

All Ride Leaders and Ride Assistants must either have a valid Volunteer Working with Children Check (WWCC) or an exemption. Volunteers are exempt from needing a WWCC if they have a child participating in Junior MTB Club. WWCC are free to volunteers and can be obtained online.

Further information on being a volunteer ride leader or assistant is available here: https://alpinecyclingclub.com.au/being-a-ride-leader-assistant/

If you are interested in helping out and becoming a Volunteer Junior Ride Leader, Assistant or supporting the program in another way, please email juniors@alpinecyclingclub.


Mountain biking is an activity which takes place in the outdoors in unpredictable conditions; the safety and enjoyment of our junior riders is important and whilst we will endeavour to run junior program activities regardless of the weather they may be cancelled in cases of extreme weather.

Alpine Cycling Club respects the right of all children who are members of the Alpine Cycling Club or who participate in Club activities to have the right to feel and be safe. We are committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people accessing our Club.