Mystic Park Memberships

Following the announcement by Alpine Community Plantation (ACP) that a new Pay-To-Play Membership Model has been introduced for Mystic MTB Park, the Alpine Cycling Club has the following statement for members:



When news broke in July that Mystic MTB Park was in danger of closure, the Alpine Cycling Club and its members were, understandably, distressed by the news, and the possible loss of this vital community asset. 


Mystic Park is hugely valuable to Bright and surrounds, and to our club. It is a place of enjoyment and recreation for our members and the wider community, and we are very fortunate to have this world-class park right on our doorstep.


The Alpine Cycling Club and its members have been instrumental in the creation and development of Mystic Park over many years. The popularity of the park is largely due to the trail-building and maintenance work of ACC volunteers. 


ACC members deeply value the mountain bike park, and the contribution it provides to our local community. The club is hugely appreciative of ACP and the land manager, HVP, for giving us access to this invaluable asset.


Club volunteers have spent hundreds of hours in the weeks since July working with ACP and the Alpine Shire to find a way to keep Mystic Park open and secure its future.


The best way to do that, at the current time, is via a user-pays system, as announced this week by ACP. 


However, we understand that, after years of free access, paying to ride your local trails may be difficult for some club members to accept. Unfortunately, the situation is very clear – if riders do not support Mystic Park financially now, it will not survive into the future. 


Therefore, ACC strongly encourages our members to get behind Mystic Park, take out a Mystic Membership, and to encourage friends, family members, and visitors to do the same. 


We are pleased to have secured discounted Mystic Memberships for ACC members, in recognition of the contribution that our club and our members have made to Mystic over the years, and the work we will all continue to do in the future.


Member discounts


– All adult ACC members will receive $20 off the full price of an Annual Mystic Membership for the first year  – $75 down from $95. Head here to download the HivePass app and buy your Adult Annual membership:

Please note, this will only work on a mobile device, and all memberships must be purchased through a mobile device.


– Additionally, the club will pay the whole membership fee for all junior members under the age of 18 this year, so they will receive a free annual Youth membership (worth $65). Head here to download the HivePass app and buy your Youth Annual membership:

Please note, this will only work on a mobile device, and all memberships must be purchased through a mobile device.


– Club members (adults and juniors) are required to purchase their Mystic memberships at full price, and contact the club directly for reimbursement*.


ACC members are also eligible for additional Mystic benefits, including:

– A free annual Mystic Membership** for those who complete 10 hours of trail maintenance*** in a year.


– Free after-hours vehicle shuttles**** for a month, for those who complete 3 hours of trail maintenance per month***


– Club members are required to have a Mystic Membership to participate in club events within Mystic Park, however, ACP will waive any additional event fees for the club.


The future


It is important to note that the new Mystic Membership model is required to secure the immediate future of Mystic MTB Park. The Alpine Shire and ACP are continuing to explore future management options for the park. Throughout this process, the Alpine Cycling Club has worked – and will continue to work – with ACP to ensure Mystic remains a world-class venue, vital community asset, and valuable tourism driver for Bright. 


We’d like to remind our members that, if you ride in the park without a Mystic Membership after October 24, not only are you are putting the future of the park at risk and not contributing to its operation, you are using the park and trails without the land manager’s permission, which may affect your personal insurance.




* Club members should email (quoting your Mystic member number) to obtain reimbursement. Please note, this will be a manual (not automated) process and will take up to 4 weeks to process.

** Free annual membership will be granted the following year

*** Trail maintenance must be sanctioned, logged and verified in TrailForks

**** Drivers must be inducted by ACC


I’m a local / I helped build the trails in Mystic – why should I have to pay to ride them?

The club and ACP hugely appreciate the efforts of locals and club members over many years which have helped turn Mystic into the amazing venue it is today. It is largely because of this work that Mystic has become so popular and attracts so many riders. Managing a park of this size, as well as managing the risk, safety and governance aspects, now far exceeds the capabilities of volunteers and requires full-time paid staff. Membership money from all riders will assist in covering these costs, as well as ongoing improvements, and new trail construction. 


Was the club consulted on the membership plan?

The club has a seat on the ACP board and has been involved in all discussions about the membership model. The club’s executive committee has been in talks with ACP for several weeks regarding the process, and how best to roll it out for club members. It has also been discussed at the club’s MTB Sub-committee meetings. If you’d like to be involved in future discussions regarding mountain biking in Bright, please consider joining the MTB Sub-committee by emailing 


Does the club support the membership model?

The club supports keeping Mystic Park open. At the current time, a pay-to-play membership model is the best way to do that, so the club strongly encourages members to support the park by buying a membership.


How will anyone know if I ride without a membership?

100% compliance will be difficult to achieve but we are asking club members, and the local community, to support this initiative in order to keep the park open. If you, as a paid member, know of someone riding without a membership, please remind them that it’s only through paying members that the park can remain open. If riders do not contribute through memberships, the park will not stay open.

By riding without a membership, you are not only putting the future of the park at risk and not contributing to its operation, you are using the park and trails without the land manager’s permission, which may affect your personal insurance.


Where can I ride without a membership?

Approximately a third of Bright’s MTB trails are outside of Mystic Park. Without a membership, you can still access trails outside the HVP pine plantation, including the Pump Track, Jumps Track, Hot Wheels, Roger Packham, Rollercoaster, Wombat’s Lair, and parts of Baker’s Gully. For a full list of trails, please refer to TrailForks.


Why have private vehicle shuttles stopped?

ACP has made the decision to ‘pause’ private shuttles as unrestricted vehicle use within the park poses a safety risk to riders. From October 24, only inducted drivers will be allowed to drive within the park. A boom-gate on Mystic Lane will close the road to the public.


How can I shuttle?

From October 24, riders will only be able to shuttle on commercial Blue Dirt Shuttles.

Club members wanting to private shuttle in their own cars are eligible for a monthly after-hours shuttle pass by completing three hours of sanctioned, logged and verified trail building/maintenance within Mystic Park every month. Details will be provided to those who are eligible on a monthly basis.

Do I need a membership to shuttle?

Yes. All riders, including those using shuttles, require a membership. Riders with Annual or Fortnightly memberships can use these to shuttle, Riders without an Annual or Fortnightly membership will need to buy a Single-Day shuttle membership for $25.


Why is the single-day shuttle membership higher than the ride-in rate?

Shuttle riders are able to complete more riding in a day than those riding up, therefore, shuttle riders have a bigger impact on the trails.


Do I need a membership to enter an event/race at Mystic?

Yes. All riders taking part in any event held in Mystic need a membership. 


Which membership is the best option for me? 

Buying an annual membership is the best way to support Mystic Park. Additionally, the club can only provide discounts on annual memberships – for both adults and juniors.

While family memberships are great value for non-members, the club’s free junior memberships and discounted adult memberships mean families will get the best deal by purchasing discounted adult annual memberships and taking advantage of the free junior memberships.


How can I buy a membership?

Club members should use the following links to download the HivePass app and purchase memberships through there. Please note, all memberships must be purchased using a mobile device.

Head here to download the HivePass app and buy your Adult Annual membership:

Head here to download the HivePass app and buy your Youth Annual membership:

Please note, this will only work on a mobile device


How will the club reimburse me for my membership?

Once you have purchased your membership, please email with your name and your Mystic Membership number (found on your digital membership card). If eligible for a discount or rebate, this will be refunded via Stripe to the card you paid on. Please note, this is a manual process and will be completed monthly, so may take up to 4 weeks to process.


How do I log trail building / trail maintenance that I do?

Anyong wanting to do trail maintenance or trail building for the club needs to be inducted first. Please head here for more information:

Following the induction, download the TrailForks app, create an account, and log your time and work within the app. 


I have more questions – who should I ask?

Head to the Mystic Park website and check out the press release and Mystic FAQs there. Additionally, the club will host a Member’s Meeting on October 17 at 7.30pm at Pioneer Park. This will be your best opportunity to ask questions and find out more information.