Alpine Progression Squad

Alpine Progression Squad 2020/21

Welcome to the 2020/2021 Alpine Progression Squad.


The program is designed to contribute to the development and progression of junior MTB riders (both male and female) aged 13 years to 18 years interested in riding or racing at club, school, state and national competitions or events. We understand that not all juniors are wanting to race and welcome these riders if they are still prepared to commit to the program and their own development. Some riders may want to join the program for only recreational or competitive reasons and we will aim to cater for both.


The program includes: 

  • Fortnightly skills coaching (gravity/ jumps /tech focus)
  • Shuttles
  • Social rides
  • Wilderness/Adventure rides
  • Trail building workshops.
  • participation in club activities
  • Ride leader for Junior MTB club 


We aim to produce junior riders who are confident, supportive and who gain skills that will enable them to become faster, safer and more developed riders. The focus will be on building a squad of riders who share a strong team mentality and developing the riders’ ability to self-monitor their skill progression to ensure maximum safety


The program will run each Tuesday 4:00pm – 5:30pm from October 6th, 2020 (Term 4 start) to March 30th, 2021 (Term 1 end). The program will not run during school holidays or on public holidays.

Rides and Events


The weekly skills sessions will work towards preparing riders for the Mystic Gravity Enduro event on the 27th of March (2021) and this event will be ridden as a group for those wanting to compete.

All squad members will be encouraged to take part in Wilderness / Adventure rides, Dates to be confirmed


Other Vic Enduro Series will potentially be attended and ridden as a group if interest warrants. More details can be found at:


  • Rd 1: Mt Beauty 1st of November 
  • Rd 2: Albury 15th of November 
  • Rd 3: Falls Creek 7th of February
  • Rd 4: Mt Buller 7th of March
  • Rd 5: Bright 27th of March 




The program will have limited numbers, riders will be split into two coaching groups. As a guide it would be expected that participants could ride all the trails (B lines) in Mystic Bike Park with the exception of the Downhill trails (World Cup/Mystic DH- but be interested in working towards these). Riders will need to have a good level of fitness (i.e. be able to ride up to Hero with no extended rest breaks). If you are unsure if you fit these guidelines, please contact the program coordinator listed below who will be happy to have a chat.


Riders are expected to commit to contributing to a supportive team environment and willing to support the Club in its activities.


The program is for riders aged 13-18. If the program is not at capacity, there is potential for younger members to be assessed by the coaching team on their suitability for inclusion.

All juniors must maintain a current MTBA membership and associated Alpine Cycling Club membership for the duration of the program

Program Structure


Coached Skills Sessions


Skills coaching sessions will be held every second Tuesday (Week 1, 3, 5 etc) at Mystic Bike Park from 5:15pm until 6:45pm, with the first session commencing Tuesday 6th October 2020. Coaching sessions will start at the pump track at 5:15pm.


We are very fortunate to have highly skilled riders as coaches, Miles Davis and Ash Gray. Our Coaches hold the required MTBA qualifications as well as the internationally recognised PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor). They will also be supported by ACC members and parents. At all times, Junior riders are to listen to the coaches, follow instructions, support each other and stay with the group.


Group sizes will be limited to 8 riders.


Every second Tuesday


When the squad is not having a coaching session (weeks 2,4,6 etc) they will head out on a group ride with the intention of consolidating the skills they have learnt the previous week. It will be envisaged that 2 riders will share the responsibility of being the ride leaders (rotating each week). Planning and leading the ride to start and finish at the clubrooms in the allotted time frame. This will be done under adult supervision.


Juniors will be expected to participate in a trail building workshop run by the Alpine Cycling Club Trail building team that will be scheduled on a non-coaching Tuesday.


Role models and mentors  


As part of being in the squad, members will be expected to be positive role models for the younger juniors. This will give the younger kids something to aspire to, in both their riding skills and their attitude towards riding and the club. From time to time we will assist you in being a ride leader for one of the junior MTB groups.


Bike and rider safety


All participants must have a mechanically sound bike at all times. Cleaning and checking mechanical soundness will be essential for all riders and expected to be completed before each ride. 


Self-lead Group rides:

  • Water bottle 
  • Riding gloves 
  • A spare tube, pump/canister & head, or repair kit 
  • Appropriate clothing 
  • medical needs (inhalers, puffers etc)
  • Other items we recommend are riding glasses, elbow pads (not compulsory)
  • And maybe a small snack.


As well as the items listed above athletes are required to bring the following to all coaching rides:

Full face Helmet (can have a detachable chin guard) – meeting Australian Standards & Knee pads


Cost: $170


What’s included:

  • Fortnightly Coaching with shuttle up lift to Hero
  • One shuttle session per term
  • Alpine Cycling Club MTB Jersey
  • Trail Building Workshop
  • Day adventures and fun times with mates
  • Opportunities to race gravity enduro as part of a supported team group


For cancellation policy and child-safe policy are located on the ACC website under Junior club policies.


For further details contact Christian Stewart (Junior Development program coordinator) at:

Registration CLOSED for Alpine Progression Squad

note: There is no need to register for the Junior program as well

Junior Club Policies

Mountain biking is an activity which takes place in the outdoors in unpredictable conditions; the safety and enjoyment of our junior riders is important and whilst we will endeavour to run junior program activities regardless of the weather they may be cancelled in cases of extreme weather.

Alpine Cycling Club respects the right of all children who are members of the Alpine Cycling Club or who participate in Club activities to have the right to feel and be safe. We are committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people accessing our Club.