Cancellation Policy

Alpine Cycling Club Junior Program

Cancellation Due to Weather Policy

January 2019


Mountain biking is an activity which takes place in the outdoors in unpredictable conditions; the safety and enjoyment of our junior riders is important and whilst we will endeavour to run junior program activities regardless of the weather they may be cancelled in cases of extreme weather.  


We will endeavour to make a decision based on the forecast weather by 7am on the morning of the activity; weather conditions will be monitored on the day of the activity and if any changes necessitate a late cancellation, this will be advised as early as possible; additional SMS may be sent to registered participants if a very late change is necessary.


Cancellations will be advised by email to all registered participants and on Alpine Cycling Club Facebook Page and Bright Cyclists, members will not be contacted if the planned activity is going ahead.


Extreme Weather

Decisions to cancel activities will be based on Bureau of Meteorology website ( and take into consideration:

  • Extreme heat (over 37 degrees)
  • Severe Weather warning – severe wind, thunderstorm, hail
  • Heavy rain


Activities may also be cancelled if Mystic Park is closed to due high fire danger or severe weather.



Riders should always come to MTB activities prepared to ride in the predicted weather conditions including the ability to carry their own drinking water either in a bottle attached to their bike or a hydration pack.


Ride leaders will select trails appropriate to the conditions.


Riders may choose not to attend program activities if they feel the conditions are not suitable.


This policy was adopted by Alpine Cycling Club Junior Program on 31 January 2019 and should be reviewed January 2020.