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Trail Fairies

The MTB committee have implemented a ‘trail fairy’ system to encourage more ownership of bright’s MTB trails and to ensure they are always maintained in good condition. There is a blackboard at café velo with a list of the tracks – simply adopt a track and every month or two (definitely monthly in spring and as soon as possible after storms) walk or ride your chosen track to make sure it is in good condition. If you spend more than 45 minutes per track in a session you are probably doing too much. Trail fairies adopt a trail is not intended to be major works, take a look at the trail fairies guide for ideas of what you would be expected to do.   Download the guide

Mystic MTB Park

Mystic MTB park is the home of alpine cycling club’s MTB activities. Mystic MTB park is different to the parks managed by governments, council’s or business. Mystic MTB park is a community built mountain bike park managed by alpine community plantations. A park built by riders, for riders right in the middle of a commercial pine plantation. Alpine community plantations and alpine cycling club have worked with dirt art to develop a trail master plan and some detailed design plans to identify areas ready for development and allow local trail builders to continue to build high quality, technical trails that make the best of our landscape. If you’d like to be part of the trail building crew get in touch with the alpine cycling club trail works coordinator and they’ll let you know when the next working bee is or how to build your own trail.

Build your own trail

Trail works coordinator

Volunteer Hours

Alpine Cycling Club relies heavily on volunteers to maintain and build MTB trails, to run events and club activities.

We are attempting to keep a track of the volunteer hours contributed to the club, so if you have been out on the trail, organising an event or activity please take the time to log your hours

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