Inverted Enduro goes Virtual

Inverted Enduro goes Virtual

The Mountain Planning Inverted Enduro presented by the Alpine Cycling Club is an uphill time trial from the Mystic MTB Trailhead on Coronation Avenue to the top of Mystic.


This year due to COVID19 restrictions we will be running our first ever “VIRTUAL” Inverted Enduro. Essentially you’ll have 1 week (26th October – 2nd November 2020) to record your fastest time on Strava. Want to have another go the next day? Go for it! Just enter again for the day you want your time to count. At the end of the week, we will analyse the results and winners will be announced on the Alpine Cycling Club Facebook page!


You could be the King or Queen of the Mountain, Prince or Princess, Mr or Mrs Average and the most attempts will also be awarded.


See more at the event page here: