Maintain Trail & Win Shuttle Passes

Maintain Trail & Win Shuttle Passes

At our AGM Mark and Dan, gave away day shuttle passes donated by Blue Dirt to our top trail maintenance volunteers from November to June. We were given 2 x day passes per month to give away: 1 pass is for a NEW volunteer & 1 pass is for a  returning volunteer

The Winners:

  • Dermot Meaney
  • Dan Millar
  • Mark Notman
  • Cade Wilson
  • Renae Blake
  • Dave Innes
  • Pete Ellis
  • Dean Campbell
  • Lachie Russel
  • Diana Notman
  • Andrew Geekie
  • Mitch Snowball
  • Geoff Mclennan
  • Matt Molijn
  • Steve Bryan (donated to the juniors)
  • Phill Robichaud

If you’ve been named in this list please contact Mark, our maintenance coordinator via email at to redeem your pass.

This is an initiative that the club together with Blue Dirt will continue so keep reading to find out how you can be eligible to win.

To be eligible, volunteers must conduct trail maintenance and then log a work report on the Trailforks App.
Please include;

  • Your name and the names of anyone else that was attending.
  • What maintenance was done.
  • Hours volunteered
  • Number of attendees
  • A picture of the work is also encouraged

If you attend an organised ACC maintenance event, your name and hours volunteered will be logged by the host of the event. You will receive 1 entry into the monthly draw, for every 1 hour you do volunteer maintenance.

When conducting maintenance:

  • Remember to wear HI-VIS and appropriate protective equipment eg eyewear, earmuffs, work boots.
  • Be aware of riders if the trail hasn’t been closed.
  • Dig smooth drains, NOT trenches
  • Only accredited Chainsaw operators are to use a club chainsaw.

If unsure of what you can do to help, email Mark –