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There are 2 ways of becoming a member of the Alpine Cycling Club.

In a nutshell both our race and non-race memberships are managed through the head cycling bodies of Cycling Australia (Road) & Mountain Bike Australia (MTB). When signing up for membership under these head bodies you will have the opportunity to select a single club or multiple clubs to be a part of. When given the option we hope you can consider the Alpine Cycling Club.


Don’t Intend to Race

Non-race memberships are available through the head cycling bodies of Cycling Australia (Road) & Mountain Bike Australia (MTB). When processing your membership you will be given the opportunity to align with a club of your choice, we hope you can consider the Alpine Cycling Club


Intend to Race

  • Road racing licenses are purchased through Cycling Australia (CA)

  • Mountain bike racing licences are purchased through Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), refer to this link – Mountain Bike Australia membership details

  • Both of these options require that you join an affiliated club at the time of purchase – the Alpine   Cycling Club is affiliated with MTBA and CA and you can join and pay for membership into our   club during the online license purchasing process (note however that there is no Family   membership option when joining via MTBA or CA)

  • If you wish to have both Road and MTB racing licences, the most cost-effective way is to first   purchase the CA licence, then go to the MTBA website and purchase a “CA Value Add Licence” – this can reduce the price of the MTBA licence significantly

if you have already paid for Alpine Cycling Club membership using Option 1 above, and   then during the same calendar year decide to purchase a racing license – both CA and MTBA will require that you join and pay (again) for Alpine Cycling Club membership at the time of their online race license purchasing process (this situation is not currently rectifiable). We can provide you a refund to cover the second payment, just contact us.

Insurance Coverage

Membership into Alpine Cycling Club does not give you insurance coverage of any sort.  To achieve coverage, you will need to take out an additional membership with either Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA) or Cycling Australia (CA).  Both MTBA and CA have recreational licences, which are significantly cheaper than racing licences, you do not have to race to get coverage.  Please refer to the website links provided above at Option 2.


Ambulance Cover

The Alpine Cycling Club also recommends Ambulance coverage – refer to the Ambulance Victoria website for details.

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