Dirt Art re scheduled

Hi all,
We have decided to push back the workshop on sunday to a 1pm start at Velo. This will enable DA to get in a few more hours of track work on the machine for us and also hopefully enable those unavailable in the morning owing to racing/riding to come along to the workshop.

Hope you can make it!

Dirt Art Trail Workshop

Hi All,
the rescheduled DirtArt trail building workshop will be occurring this weekend, on Sunday August 2nd from 10am til 2pm.

ACP have commissioned and are funding this trail work (200m approx) and workshop and any ACC member is encouraged to come along to learn some new skills. No previous experience is required. Please reply here if you can make it, to assist with catering requirements.

We will have an approx 1 hr “toolbox” meeting at Velo at 10am followed by a couple of hours on the new track DA will be constructing saturday, an extension to the “Jayne Link” towards “Bombsite”. After that a nice cold one at the brewery may be in order!

By all means head down Saturday to see the machine at work but please adhere to safety regs and stay well back!

Hope to see you on the weekend.

MTB Monthly Meeting

Hi all,
Our August MTB Meeting is on next Thursday, August 6th, 7.30pm at the Bright Brewery. Come along to catch up on all that’s been happening and what’s planned for the rest of the year.
Hope to see you there!

Andrew Miller

Dirt Art Trail Workshop

Hi everyone,
apologies for the late notice but the workshop planned for tomorrow morning has been postponed owing to an opportunity that has arisen to have the workshop run in a few weeks with the aid of a mini-excavator that will incorporate providing us a few hundred metres of new trail as part of the workshop i.e. at no additional charge!

It will also provide the opportunity to have training in the process of trail completion works following machine initial trail construction.

Sorry once again and if you have any questions please let me know.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Miller
ACC MTB Coordinator

John Woodman Memorial Handicap

John Woodman Memorial Handicap from Wagga to Albury

Hi guys,
We have our annual Wagga to Albury road race on the 26th of July.

I was just wondering whether you’d be able to share the link on your website/Facebook page/Newsletters etc.

Given the gap in the calendar created by the cancellation of the 2 NRS races this provides a fantastic opportunity for a really solid hitout for some of the elite cyclists within your club. And given the nature of handicap racing those who aren’t quite so ‘elite’ will be handicapped accordingly!


It is an iconic race and one of the few 135km point to point handicaps left on the calendar.

Dirt Art in Town

Hi All,
Dirt Art have confirmed they will arrive in Bright this monday night. They will spend some time tues on the ground familiarising once again and then we will have a “knights of the round table” meeting tuesday night to discuss our thoughts on new track needs. We will meet at the brewery @ 6pm. We will have maps and the master plan there to assist with this of course.

Post this meeting, DirtArt will then get out on track to complete the detailed design work from Wednesday to Friday. I encourage anyone with time to attend all or part of this time to assist, provide input and learn. Saturday morning (8.30am – 1.30pm) will then be a workshop for members. This will be an opportunity for us to further our trail design & building skills. Please confirm your attendance for this.


Hi all
Where has the year gone ? !!!! It’s AGM time again.

The usual process will take place. Each year ALL the committee positions are up for re-election. This includes the executive & MTB committees. This year the AGM will be held on Thursday the 16th of July. If you wish to stand for a position you need to let our Secretary Sascha no by the 9th of July. This leaves us time to organise a vote if required.

At this point in time I assume that everyone is standing for the same positions. If not please let me know. Either way if you are keen to be on a committee let Sascha know & if necessary we will have a vote.

As for my role as President. I mentioned last year that I would not be standing this year & that is still the case, even though I enjoy the role and receive a lot of satisfaction from it. I am hoping that there is someone who would like to step into the role. With my new job / career, my commitment to BASE & the amount of time away with work I’m struggling to fit family time in. I am still keen to be Race Director of the Tour if the club is happy. Having said all that there is a lot happening with the club & many important issues in process. So i’m not going to leave the club stranded. If no one is keen I will continue on, but will reduce my time on other things such as working bees & other projects.

So I hope there is someone with as much passion as me willing to take on the role. I am more than willing to help guide a new person into the role & am certainly willing to help transfer as much knowledge and history over to whom ever wants to know.

Look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Cafe Velo
2 Ireland Street, Bright
Drinks and Nibbles provided.

Aaron Smith

Kids MTB Program

An enthusiastic group of kids gathered for the Tuesday night MTB ride despite the wet weather. Next Tuesday, June 23rd will be the last ride for winter.

MTBA Track Building Workshop – Bright

Over the weekend of June 13th & 14th nineteen participants from Bright, Albury and Wagga participated in the MTBA track building workshop in Bright. Both mornings were spent in some intensive theory lessons facilitated by Marty Krieg from MTBA, covering all aspects of trail building from tools, corner construction methods through to signage and working with land managers. In the afternoon we all headed up to Budda Hood and put the new knowledge into action.

Across the top of Budda Hood is a whole new section including two new climbing switch backs and a great descent including two drop offs from some large quartz rocks (which were very heavy to move!)

Overall a fantastic weekend with some new trail building techniques learned and some great new track to ride on. See pictures HERE

Mystic MTB reviewed on BikeExchange

BikeExchange heads to Bright’s Mystic to check out what has to be one of the premiere MTB destinations in Australia. Join us for the ride.


If the stunning scenery and endless recreational activities weren’t enough to get you to Bright, perhaps the mountain bike trails might be just the inspiration you need. Having ridden around the surrounding mountains on the road bike, I’d always wondered whether the off-road trails could possibly live up to the region’s tarmac orientated options.

Every year thousands of cyclists flock to Bright for any one or several of its many cycling events. However for 2015, Bright and in particular the Mystic Mountain Bike Park, put themselves right in the mountain biking limelight by hosting the National Championships. The weekend saw some fantastic racing across all disciplines, but more importantly showcased the high calibre of the trails on offer. You don’t get handed National Championships without good reason and after our recent trip to Mystic this has been emphatically confirmed.

One of the most recognisable features of the Mystic Mountain Bike Park is the vast pine plantation that houses many of the areas handcrafted trails. The plantation itself is unique in the way they are working with the local community to create multiple uses for the logging areas. Through the Alpine Community Plantation project, land managers and the local residents are working together to solidify relationships that will bring more and more trails to the region over coming years. The bulk of the trails within the park have been created using only manpower and the imagination. When you see the terrain that these trails traverse, it’s astounding to think they were all created without machine assistance.

There are two distinct areas within the park for riding.

The lower region is home to various trails that would suit almost anyone, whether it is young children or first timers. The upper slopes would be the playground of your more experienced riders and provide a noticeable increase in difficulty. We had plenty of time getting familiar with both and came away suitably impressed at either end. Moving through the park, you’ll notice some very obvious changes in the terrain under your tyres. Along the river and through the surrounding lowlands you’ll experience sandy trails with lots of smooth river rocks and boulders scattered everywhere. Once you start to gain some elevation and move onto the newest trails of the park, you’ll still find plenty of rocks, but now they are held together by red clay. As you head further up the hill you will notice the terrain getting steeper with every passing metre and the surface underneath shifts to loose soil and of course, plenty more rocks. If you need any further convincing of this, hunt down some footage from the downhill racing at the recent National Champs to see what I mean.

With many of my local trails being on hills rather than actual mountains, I found Mystic to be a very refreshing and challenging place to ride. I loved being tested by natural terrain and not my current fitness level. On more than one occasion I found myself in rather precarious situations but it only enhanced my appreciation of the tight and technical nature of the trails. You won’t find any metre-wide flow trails and you won’t dodge any natural banks or gullies along the way. These trails have been created to use the landscape that’s presented and they do so in such a fun and well thought out manner.

Along with the hosting of the National Championships, there has been plenty of time and energy injected into this venue. Signposting has been erected at many of the trailheads and we have inside knowledge of a great trail map that’s very, very close to being available. Once this map goes live, you should have no problems finding your way around the park and riding trails to suit your ability. We also learned there is a new master plan being developed with the help of some of Australia’s top trail builders, Dirt Art. If this place wasn’t already being compared to the best this country has to offer, we can assure you it will be in the near future.

There’s no arguing with the diversity of the trails Mystic has on offer, from the tame riverside region all the way up to the world renowned Mystic DH. A track that is often rated the premier downhill track in Australia, and ranks highly on a world scale. Having had my first taste of the quality trails around Mystic, I’m already planning my next trip to the alpine region for another serving of fine single track. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later!