Junior MTB Update

Its still raining
Because of the persistent wet weather tomorrow’s mtb club will be allocated to signing up to groups and collecting new name plates there will not be any organised riding as the trails are extremely wet and there is more heavy rain forecast – however doing this preparation tomorrow will save time next week, meaning that we will be ready to ride off at 4.30 so we really encourage your child to come down at 4.30 tomorrow for a short time to get this out of the way.

New Gate at clubrooms
Please remind your child to use the new ‘Bike only entrance’ rather than the vehicle entrance in an effort to separate bikes and cars, keeping our kids safer.

Still looking for adult ride leaders and assistants
We still urgently need more adults to help out on a regular basis as a ride leader / assistant – there is an opportunity for a number of adults to group together and share the duties week about – if you want more information about being a ride leader, please contact me or catch up tomorrow.

Junior Development Day
If your child is going to participate in Junior MTB Development Day please help us to plan by signing up online at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=14080, Saturday 15 October at ACC Clubrooms

This is a great fun day of activities and games to help develop your child’s mtb skills – the cost for the day is $30 per child this includes skills clinics, guided rides, mtb games and activities, morning tea, lunch; junior club t-shirt available online for only $15.

Alpine Cycling Club CyclePath Junior MTB Race Series

We encourage all juniors to come and try racing in a fun and friendly environment – more information and registration at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=18610

  • Saturday 19 November
  • Saturday 17 December
  • Saturday 21 January
  • Saturday 25 February (Beechworth)
  • Saturday 25 March

Here’s to some sunshine and dry tracks!

Jenny Corser


Junior MTB Club will start up again on Tuesday 4 October at 4.30pm at the Alpine Cycling Club Rooms after the winter break; we hope you are fresh and ready to hit the tracks.

As always there are a few housekeeping jobs to be ready for the new season:

Make sure your MTBA and club membership is up to date – I will be ordering new season plates for every registered member in one week’s time – No MTBA licence no new plate – if you have recently renewed your child’s MTBA licence you will need to email me your child’s name, emergency contact details, date of birth, MTBA number and expiry date. We recommend MTB Dirtmaster licence $40 + $10 club membership this will also cover your child if they decide to try some of junior MTB races. If your child has previously been registered but will not be joining junior MTB club this year, could you let me know, so I don’t keep chasing you for membership information.

Make sure your child’s bike is ready to go – check, brakes, tyres, chain, gears are all running smoothly and that there are no major rattles and loose bits. If you need help with bike maintenance CyclePath Bright are offering a special bicycle safety check to Junior Club members, take your (clean) bike to the shop for a rideworthy check and report for only $25 bookings are essential and offer is valid until 30 September.

We are currently working on group lists – this information will be sent out in the week before start up.

You will notice some changes to the assembly area – we would appreciate your help in keeping bikes and cars separate – please encourage your child to use the new bike specific entry and not to ride through the car parking space.


As with any junior sporting activity – the junior MTB club rides cannot operate without volunteer helpers – we are lucky that we have some very experienced riders who come along to help out but each week we need approximately 20 adults to help supervise groups.

Each group needs two adult supervisors, usually there will be a ride leader and a back-up – so with a wide range of ability groups so there will be a group that suits your own level of experience and comfort. If you can make it to Tuesday rides on a regular or semi-regular basis please let me know so we can have group leaders assigned before the start of the season.


Saturday 16 October at 9am is the date for the 3rd Alpine Cycling Club Junior Development Day – this is a great fun day of activities and games to develop your child’s mtb skills – the cost for the day is $30 per child this includes skills clinics, guided rides, mtb games and activities, morning tea, lunch; junior club t-shirt available online for only $15. More information about the program coming soon, there are limited places and you can register now at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=14080–


More information about the Junior MTB Race series will be available soon but put these dates in your calendar

  • Saturday 19 November
  • Saturday 17 December
  • Saturday 21 January
  • Saturday 25 February (Beechworth)
  • Saturday 25 March

The Junior Race Series is a great opportunity for all our junior riders, as well as visitors from near and far to try out a variety of MTB racing styles in a fun and friendly environment. There are age groups for girls and boys Under 5 right through to Over 15 and the course is set for the ability and fitness of each age group. There are minor prizes at each race and a series winner for each category. You can register now at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=18610

Thanks for your support, looking forward to getting out on the tracks soon.

Mystic Mountain Bike Park Closures



This week HVP Plantations will be commencing a harvest road line operation within Mystic MTB & Flight Park. This operation will see the removal of some trees along the road edge in preparation for roading works that will ensure that the roads are ready for future haulage operations and safe for recreational users.

This a two stage operation; stage one will occur along Robinsons Road, stage two will occur along Moran Road – the time for each operations is expected to be less than a week and will run consecutively.

To support the Robinsons Road operation (stage one) the following trail closures will be in place; Flat Strap, Grevids Way, Caro’s Track, Fly by Night, Lars Link, Shady Lane, Gorilla Warfare, Rhys’s Pieces, Tree Hugger. Four Deers, Deer Stalker and Mystic DH. In addition the following road closures will be in place; Robinsons Road at Mystic Lane and Browns Road at Mystic DH crossing.

Trail and Road closures are an essential element in ensuring a safe environment for both contractors and recreational users. Following the instructions on the signs, the directions of the operator and staying outside the work zone at all times helps the operator to complete the job as quickly and safely as possible and as a result minimises the time that trails and access roads are closed.

Once the operation is complete HVP Plantations will inspect the area to ensure that it is safe for public access.

Junior MTB and AGM

Hi All – only one week left of Junior MTB Club for the term – we have been hearing about kids arriving not dressed for the conditions (very cold and often wet and muddy) and bikes which need some work, please encourage your child to maintain their bike in a good working condition:

  • clean and dry the bike and all running gear especially after wet and muddy rides
  • lube chain
  • check brakes and gears are working properly
  • tyres in good condition and properly inflated
  • there are no serious rattles (pedals, handle bars, seats about to fall off)

If you need help servicing your bike, the guys at CyclePath are really helpful.

Junior Club rides will resume on Tuesday 4 October at 4.30pm.

You should have received an email from Jon Miller, Club President giving notice of the Club’s AGM – this is a great opportunity for all our members to meet other club members and have a say in the future of our club, and I would especially encourage people to consider being involved in the Junior Club sub-committee to ensure that our junior program continues to be strong into the future.

The roles on the various committees are:


  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

MTB sub-committee:

  • MTB co-ordinator
  • Track works co-ordinator
  • Maintenance co-ordinator
  • Communications officer
  • Plus two floating members

Junior sub-committee (proposed)

  • Junior club co-ordinator
  • Plus up to five sub-committee members

For more information, or to nominate for a position on a committee email Jon Miller President@alpinecyclingclub.com.au or call 0420 572 660
A final reminder that the Junior Athlete Award will be presented at the AGM – applications close on 1 July – this award supports young riders in any discipline who are committed to cycling, it is not necessary for them to be an aspiring champion. I have attached an application form and would encourage any child aged 13 or older to apply for this award.

RAMBO MTB Race is coming up in Bright on Sunday 26 June and has a junior category – information can be found on the club’s website – we are still looking for people to help out as marshals, time keepers, first aid as well as BBQ master which we use as a fundraiser for the junior club program, so if you are around and can help out let me know.

Thanks for your support this year.


Up DJ Opened!

Mystic MTB Park’s latest addition “Up DJ”, a meandering ascending trail with an A grade berm system, designed to provide a single track alternative to using Mystic Lane to access Hazledine Rd and sweet trails such as “Corkscrew”, “The Eiger”, ” Curtain” and “Avid Way”.

Lance movie

A great turn out for the new lance movie. And thanks to cloud nine for their generous donation to the junior athlete award! $280 raised.

Club Dinner Postponed

ACC Club Dinner Postponed. Unfortunately I’ve had almost as many replies from people who would like to come but they are not able to this Saturday. The restaurant requires a certain number to open and we are almost at that number.

So in the interests of everyone having more fun I’ve decided to postpone the dinner to a date that we can hopefully have the 60-70 people that would normally turn up.
Apologies if you’ve been inconvenienced. We’ll set a new date at this weeks meeting.

Aaron Smith