All mountain bike tracks open

Hero has been signed off by Dirt Art and road works have been completed by NECC. Everything is open in Mystic MTB Park for what promises to be a mammoth weekend of riding. This includes recently closed tracks:

  • Tombstone
  • Buddhahood
  • Slider
  • Bombsite
  • Jayne Link
  • Avids Way
  • All Mountain

Enjoy and stay safe.

Mystic closed on Tuesday

The fire danger level for Tuesday December 13 has been elevated to a Closure.

Due to this high risk, please do not use Mystic or other areas of pine forest for any activity during the closure.
The fire warning for Wednesday looks fine at this stage and we anticipate to be given the all clear to get back in there then.


Mystic MTB Park will play host to the Spartan Bright Trifecta this weekend with more than 3000 visitors heading to town to enjoy a little torture.
The lion’s share of Mystic will be closed for the event on both days. A general rule of thumb is if it’s south of Mystic Lane, it will be closed (with the exception of Avid Way).
The good news is, all those feet running back and forth are going to attempt to ‘run in’ a new trail linking Jayne Link to Slider, so we’re all keen to see the results of this experiment.
SET UP – If you’re riding about on Thursday and Friday, you’ll notice trail marking and tape and obstacle courses being set up. Spartan Paul has put these in places that won’t get in your way.
CLOSURES – Please see the attached map for an overview of the closures. This will be a very busy area with people jumping out of bushes, rolling around in stuff and doing all sorts of random things, so please keep out of the red zone.
PARAGLIDERS – Mystic Lane and access to the launch pad will remain open. However, traffic management points will cause delays for those heading to the top. The down road will be closed.
PARKING – Parking management near Mystic will be in operation over the weekend. An estimated 1500 cars are expected to be parking near Pioneer and Mystic. Lucky you have a bike…
BAKERS GULLY – The roads this side of the hill remain closed while road works and trail building continues.
Lastly, if all else fails, you can still volunteer for the event. ACC gets a kickback for all volunteers we supply

Bright Brewery – Tour of Bright – Volunteers Needed!

Hi All,

We have 73 volunteer shifts to fill for the Tour of Bright – we really need help from our ACC members so that we can run a successful event.

Please click on the below link and register for a position. Even just one shift will be a huge help!

New track and road closures

While we are thankful that Tombstone, Slider and other tracks nearby will be open in time for the B24 this weekend, starting Thursday, trail and road works on the western side of the park are likely to result in rock falls. For a period of about a week, a new method of rock control will be trialled. During this trial, the following road and trail closures will be in place:
  • All Mountain
  • Upper Reservoir Loop
  • McFadyens Lane
  • Huggins Road
  • Moran Road
  • The down road from the launch pad
An update on when some sections can reopen will be sent out next week when we are able to determine if the new rock fall control method is satisfactory.
Please note: Road access to the launch pad and Huggins Lookout will be via Mystic Lane.

Tombstone injury update

Dianna, the rider that was injured on Tombstone over the weekend, is back home after spending a night in Wangaratta hospital. She has been given the all clear after multiple scans and x-rays. However, she is still in a lot of pain and is using analgesics to combat this. She is getting around on crutches and will be off work for an unspecified amount of time. As bad as thisis, we ar e all thankful that it isn’t a lot worse.

ACC attended a meeting this morning with ACP and HVP representatives. HVP are taking this very seriously and will be conducting a formal incident investigation. Needless to say, we will be co-operating with this as required..It was a very positive meeting, there was no finger-pointing or anything like that. All parties are keen to know exactly what happened and what steps we can all take to prevent anything like it happening again.We eagerly await the outcome of HVP’s investigation.

More track closures

Following on from yesterday’s post about Buddhahood and Tombstone being closed, we have decided to close Slider, Bombsite and Janes Link as well. This is in the interests of safety. Please respect the trail closure signs.

Tombstone and Buddhahood closed

A rider was seriously injured on Tombstone today. She was struck by a falling rock which was apparently disturbed by a road crew working on Robinson Road. Tombstone, Beyond Pale and Buddahood are now closed until further notice. Also, use caution when using White Star Road. There are a couple of decent sized rocks on it which seem to have fallen from above.

Junior MTB Update

Its still raining
Because of the persistent wet weather tomorrow’s mtb club will be allocated to signing up to groups and collecting new name plates there will not be any organised riding as the trails are extremely wet and there is more heavy rain forecast – however doing this preparation tomorrow will save time next week, meaning that we will be ready to ride off at 4.30 so we really encourage your child to come down at 4.30 tomorrow for a short time to get this out of the way.

New Gate at clubrooms
Please remind your child to use the new ‘Bike only entrance’ rather than the vehicle entrance in an effort to separate bikes and cars, keeping our kids safer.

Still looking for adult ride leaders and assistants
We still urgently need more adults to help out on a regular basis as a ride leader / assistant – there is an opportunity for a number of adults to group together and share the duties week about – if you want more information about being a ride leader, please contact me or catch up tomorrow.

Junior Development Day
If your child is going to participate in Junior MTB Development Day please help us to plan by signing up online at, Saturday 15 October at ACC Clubrooms

This is a great fun day of activities and games to help develop your child’s mtb skills – the cost for the day is $30 per child this includes skills clinics, guided rides, mtb games and activities, morning tea, lunch; junior club t-shirt available online for only $15.

Alpine Cycling Club CyclePath Junior MTB Race Series

We encourage all juniors to come and try racing in a fun and friendly environment – more information and registration at

  • Saturday 19 November
  • Saturday 17 December
  • Saturday 21 January
  • Saturday 25 February (Beechworth)
  • Saturday 25 March

Here’s to some sunshine and dry tracks!

Jenny Corser


Junior MTB Club will start up again on Tuesday 4 October at 4.30pm at the Alpine Cycling Club Rooms after the winter break; we hope you are fresh and ready to hit the tracks.

As always there are a few housekeeping jobs to be ready for the new season:

Make sure your MTBA and club membership is up to date – I will be ordering new season plates for every registered member in one week’s time – No MTBA licence no new plate – if you have recently renewed your child’s MTBA licence you will need to email me your child’s name, emergency contact details, date of birth, MTBA number and expiry date. We recommend MTB Dirtmaster licence $40 + $10 club membership this will also cover your child if they decide to try some of junior MTB races. If your child has previously been registered but will not be joining junior MTB club this year, could you let me know, so I don’t keep chasing you for membership information.

Make sure your child’s bike is ready to go – check, brakes, tyres, chain, gears are all running smoothly and that there are no major rattles and loose bits. If you need help with bike maintenance CyclePath Bright are offering a special bicycle safety check to Junior Club members, take your (clean) bike to the shop for a rideworthy check and report for only $25 bookings are essential and offer is valid until 30 September.

We are currently working on group lists – this information will be sent out in the week before start up.

You will notice some changes to the assembly area – we would appreciate your help in keeping bikes and cars separate – please encourage your child to use the new bike specific entry and not to ride through the car parking space.


As with any junior sporting activity – the junior MTB club rides cannot operate without volunteer helpers – we are lucky that we have some very experienced riders who come along to help out but each week we need approximately 20 adults to help supervise groups.

Each group needs two adult supervisors, usually there will be a ride leader and a back-up – so with a wide range of ability groups so there will be a group that suits your own level of experience and comfort. If you can make it to Tuesday rides on a regular or semi-regular basis please let me know so we can have group leaders assigned before the start of the season.


Saturday 16 October at 9am is the date for the 3rd Alpine Cycling Club Junior Development Day – this is a great fun day of activities and games to develop your child’s mtb skills – the cost for the day is $30 per child this includes skills clinics, guided rides, mtb games and activities, morning tea, lunch; junior club t-shirt available online for only $15. More information about the program coming soon, there are limited places and you can register now at–


More information about the Junior MTB Race series will be available soon but put these dates in your calendar

  • Saturday 19 November
  • Saturday 17 December
  • Saturday 21 January
  • Saturday 25 February (Beechworth)
  • Saturday 25 March

The Junior Race Series is a great opportunity for all our junior riders, as well as visitors from near and far to try out a variety of MTB racing styles in a fun and friendly environment. There are age groups for girls and boys Under 5 right through to Over 15 and the course is set for the ability and fitness of each age group. There are minor prizes at each race and a series winner for each category. You can register now at

Thanks for your support, looking forward to getting out on the tracks soon.