Mystic Trail Network on TrailForks

Hi everyone,
Hope you’ve had a good week. Lately the mtb committee has been working on adding all our trail network to Trailforks, an online trail map and information app. It’s the largest trail app on the planet and it’s free! We are hopeful this will assist members and visitors navigate around the park while also providing a wealth of additional info. It’s really comprehensive and the more we delve the more great features we discover. It’s even got a real easy way to donate to park maintenance and new trail construction. Follow the link above to check it out.
We believe it will also assist with our maintenance management greatly as it provides a simple way for anyone to leave a trail condition rating and/or comments re any issues on trail and has some terrific reporting ability. Pics and video can also be uploaded by anyone and loops can be added too. And simply using the app provides us with  good data re how often and when individual trails are ridden so among other things we know where and when trails need to be inspected to confirm any outstanding maintenance issues. Using the app in conjunction with Strava provides even more useful data. These measures will also enable us to make sure of compliance with key partners (ACP, Shire, HVP, community) reporting requirements and insurers policies, to maintain protection for our all riders and volunteers.
Please note we still have some work to do inputting more data and detail but the app really shows it’s worth as more users engage with it and utilise it’s features. You’ll notice some holes re trail descriptions and perhaps even identify some errors. If so either change/correct it yourself or let us know and we will! (