History of the Club

The Alpine Cycling Club started as a Myrtleford High School Year 12 Communication Project by Damien Ferarro and Ross Walker. The club was then called “The Myrtleford Cycling Club” with the first meeting held at the Railway Hotel, Myrtleford on Tuesday 24th March, 1992.

A committee was formed with

  • Peter Crowley – President
  • Matthew Vonarx – Junior Vice President
  • Joan Grimm – Secretary
  • Ross Walker – Treasurer


The clubs colours were red, white & black, the same as Myrtleford’s Football Club. At this time the club was aimed at mountain biking, conducting many local races and having lots of working bees to build new tracks through the pine plantations surrounding Myrtleford. Social days where members enjoyed riding the new tracks often ended up with a BBQ. These were the days when it was simpler to build tracks & run races.

In 1994 the club’s membership base was coming more from the Bright area, and at this time the shires of Bright & Myrtleford were in the process of amalgamation. It was felt that this would be a good time for a name change to “Alpine Cycling Club”. At the same time a new design of the club’s clothing, along with the new colours of golden yellow, electric blue & black was decided on. The Myrtleford Cycling Club, M.C.C. and the snowflake design of the new Alpine Shire can be seen combined in the Alpine Cycling Club’s logo reflecting our origins and the area where we are based. Note the bicycle’s M shaped frame & C coloured wheels.

As well as mountain biking, the club has promoted Junior Road Racing, and the Tour of Bright, a three day multi-stage race. Originally held in May 2005 with only 2 grades, it’s now on the first weekend in December. It has grown to 9 grades and has won an award for the best run club event. It has attracted sponsorship and competitors from overseas. In November 2008 the inaugural Bright 6hr cross country enduro mountain bike race was run and was a huge success.

The club has grown to now having over 120 members, many who live outside of the area but enjoy the friendliness of the club & the events put on.

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