Mystic MTB Park will play host to the Spartan Bright Trifecta this weekend with more than 3000 visitors heading to town to enjoy a little torture.
The lion’s share of Mystic will be closed for the event on both days. A general rule of thumb is if it’s south of Mystic Lane, it will be closed (with the exception of Avid Way).
The good news is, all those feet running back and forth are going to attempt to ‘run in’ a new trail linking Jayne Link to Slider, so we’re all keen to see the results of this experiment.
SET UP – If you’re riding about on Thursday and Friday, you’ll notice trail marking and tape and obstacle courses being set up. Spartan Paul has put these in places that won’t get in your way.
CLOSURES – Please see the attached map for an overview of the closures. This will be a very busy area with people jumping out of bushes, rolling around in stuff and doing all sorts of random things, so please keep out of the red zone.
PARAGLIDERS – Mystic Lane and access to the launch pad will remain open. However, traffic management points will cause delays for those heading to the top. The down road will be closed.
PARKING – Parking management near Mystic will be in operation over the weekend. An estimated 1500 cars are expected to be parking near Pioneer and Mystic. Lucky you have a bike…
BAKERS GULLY – The roads this side of the hill remain closed while road works and trail building continues.
Lastly, if all else fails, you can still volunteer for the event. ACC gets a kickback for all volunteers we supply

Bright Brewery – Tour of Bright – Volunteers Needed!

Hi All,

We have 73 volunteer shifts to fill for the Tour of Bright – we really need help from our ACC members so that we can run a successful event.

Please click on the below link and register for a position. Even just one shift will be a huge help!

New track and road closures

While we are thankful that Tombstone, Slider and other tracks nearby will be open in time for the B24 this weekend, starting Thursday, trail and road works on the western side of the park are likely to result in rock falls. For a period of about a week, a new method of rock control will be trialled. During this trial, the following road and trail closures will be in place:
  • All Mountain
  • Upper Reservoir Loop
  • McFadyens Lane
  • Huggins Road
  • Moran Road
  • The down road from the launch pad
An update on when some sections can reopen will be sent out next week when we are able to determine if the new rock fall control method is satisfactory.
Please note: Road access to the launch pad and Huggins Lookout will be via Mystic Lane.