Up DJ Opened!

Mystic MTB Park’s latest addition “Up DJ”, a meandering ascending trail with an A grade berm system, designed to provide a single track alternative to using Mystic Lane to access Hazledine Rd and sweet trails such as “Corkscrew”, “The Eiger”, ” Curtain” and “Avid Way”.

Lance movie

A great turn out for the new lance movie. And thanks to cloud nine for their generous donation to the junior athlete award! $280 raised.

Club Dinner Postponed

ACC Club Dinner Postponed. Unfortunately I’ve had almost as many replies from people who would like to come but they are not able to this Saturday. The restaurant requires a certain number to open and we are almost at that number.

So in the interests of everyone having more fun I’ve decided to postpone the dinner to a date that we can hopefully have the 60-70 people that would normally turn up.
Apologies if you’ve been inconvenienced. We’ll set a new date at this weeks meeting.

Aaron Smith

Trail Structures Policy

We are putting together a steering group to formulate a policy for Mystic MTB Park in regard to all things structural, i.e. anything we build above the natural ground level. The aim is that we develop a policy of our own which takes account of our MTB park, particular environment and local community needs/expectations.

If you have any interest in being involved please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Miller
ACC MTB Coordinator

Club Dinner

This years club dinner is on the 14th of May. Arrive at 7:00 for entree at 7:30 Location is at the Red Stag deer farm Eurobin.
Fancy dress theme this year is to wear the ugliest or badly co-ordinated cycling gear. It can be one piece of clothing or the full kit. However this is not compulsory. You can wear your normal clothes, but you’ll have more fun if you join in. I promise.

Each year we award prizes. Some are serious but most are just a bit of fun. I’ll take nominations for just about anything, so if you know of something funny that’s worth a mention let me know. Serious awards include:-
Volunteer of the year. – this will be a perpetual award
Most improved rider.

I’ve been given some great gear from one of our sponsors, but always keen for more if you’d like to contribute with some prizes from your business.

Dinner is a 3 course meal which the club is subsidising so it will only cost you $38. Set menu with 3 options coming out, so you can swap if needed. Buy your own drinks.

I need to know numbers by the 7th, so please respond to this email.

Aaron Smith

Alpine Cycling Club Vice President
Tour of Bright Race Director