Latte MTB Fun Ride

As part of the National Champs, Mountain Bike Australia and Sixpence Coffee are running a Latte MTB Fun Ride on the morning of Sunday 20 March. You can watch the elite riders on the cross country olympic course on Saturday then tackle it yourself the next morning. You can push your bike around the tricky bits if you like and there will be marshals on course to assist. It will be a great opportunity for visitors to see what Mystic MTB Park now has to offer and should also appeal to non-club members with that bike in the garage that needs an outing. Or perhaps your kids are club members and you’ve been thinking about getting into the caper yourself. Entry includes insurance, a couple of coffees and a t-shirt and you can register at Sixpence Latte Ride



Women’s Road Skills Session with Carley McKay

Date: Saturday 5th March
Time: 7am

Location: Pioneer Park

Ladies come down to Pioneer Park on Saturday 5th of March at 7am for a women’s road cycling skills session. We will be covering a variety of skills that are of interest to you, as well as focusing on skills for riding in a bunch and rolling turns. 
This skills session will be a mix of demonstration, individual coaching and group activities in a fun and safe environment. Some of the drills will actually involve some walking off the bike, so we would like you to bring sneakers with you to use during these exercises. We will be practising a variety of skills around Pioneer park for about an hour. It will then be put it into practice with a comfortable paced bunch ride down to Wandiligong and back. It is recommended that you also bring your standard cycling shoes for the bunch ride. 

The bunch ride should conclude just before 9am. For those who would like to, we will then head to Cafe Velo for a coffee and chat. Your running shoes will be transported back to Cafe Velo for you. 

This is a free session, however it would be greatly appreciated if you could please register for the session below. If you have any questions please call Carley McKay on 0400 110 227 or email

Carley McKay is a elite road cyclist with the BOSS Women’s National Road Series team. She has many years experience racing including international UCI races. Carley is also a qualified cycling coach and a new Alpine Cycling Club member. 

Register Here

Mystic MTB Park CLOSED – Wednesday 24 February – Extreme Fire Danger


HVP Plantations have advised that due to extreme fire danger a forest closure of all plantations including Mystic MTB Park will be in place for WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY.

In accordance with licensing agreements this means that all planned activities; including mountain bike riding, trail running, paragliding and trail maintenance should be postponed.

Mystic Closed, Tuesday, Feb 23rd


HVP Plantations have advised that due to extreme fire danger a forest closure of all plantations including Mystic MTB Park will be in place for TUESDAY 23 FEBRUARY.

In accordance with licensing agreements this means that all planned activities; including mountain bike riding, trail running, paragliding and trail maintenance should be postponed.

Unfortunately this means that Junior MTB Club has been cancelled – please pass the message on to anyone who may be concerned. Thanks

Restructure of Junior MTB Club

We now have over 100 kids turning up on Tuesday afternoons and this necessitates a more structured approach than in the past.

We urgently need more parents to ride with groups – you will see that there are several groups who do not have a dedicated ride leader – we will not be running groups of 20, so if we do not get enough ride leaders, kids will miss out, so if you can make Tuesdays on a semi-regular basis please let me know if you are prepared to act as a ride leader for a set group – I have some resources for ride leaders to help you feel prepared.

  1. All registered members have been allocated to a group – check the list at the bottom of the email – this will be their ride group – if your child is clearly well beyond or below the level of the rest of the group they can discuss options for changing groups with their ride leader at the end of the ride.
  2. Groups are based as much as possible on age, ability, fitness and group sizes – our aim is to have group sizes of no more than 10 children.  Please explain to your children that the group listed below is their ride group for tomorrow they should not attempt to ride with another group – if a child decides to go with another group, we have no way of knowing where that child is if they fail to return at the end of the ride.  There will be signs identifying where each group should meet.
  3. All children should have their name plate on their bike with emergency contact phone number written on the back  – if your child has lost their plate, they can collect a temporary plate.  The order of plates for new members should arrive for next week.
  4. All children attending any club activity must have current MTBA membership – if your child does not have current MTBA membership please ensure that it is up to date and emailed to me before Tuesday.
  5. There is a sign-up sheet for new attendees at the club rooms where children can pick up a temporary name plate. New members can take advantage of MTBA’s 8 week free trial membership available at
  6. If your child is under 5 or is unable to ride independently (ride rough tracks, use both brakes, change gears) they will need to be accompanied by an adult.
  7. All children must bring water – either a drink bottle carried on their bike, a hydration pack or a small backpack with a drink bottle – children should not rely on sharing their friend’s water supply
  8. All bikes must be in good working order – as a minimum check both brakes are working, tyres are properly inflated and have adequate tread, seat is properly adjusted, gears work, chain is lubed and running smoothly, handle bars do not have exposed metal ends.  If your child’s bike is not rideable it is likely their group will leave without them.
  9. Please check that your child’s helmet is in good condition and properly fitted.
  10. Please remind your child to arrive by 4.15 for a 4.30 ride away.


Ride Leader Information:

Everyone understand that life gets in the way and you might not make the ride every week, however if you are able to be semi-regular, we would love to have you on board as a dedicated group ride leader – it is so much fun and very rewarding riding with the kids and seeing them progress in skills and confidence.

We are trying to have at least two ride leaders dedicated to each group for a term at a time – this will allow consistency in knowing the kids and their abilities and interests; this also means that there is usually at least 1 regular leader with each group each week.

One ride leader from each group should carry a blue club backpack with a first aid kit and basic bike repair kit.

You will also have a sign identifying your group and a group list which should be marked off to identify who attended each session.  This list will also have emergency phone numbers.

Thanks for your support, we hope you and your kids continue to enjoy mountain biking.



??   Brendan   Callum  / Peter Smith   ??   Teagan / Adam R
Aiden Parmesan Devon Turner Boston Boynton Sam Armstrong Nicola Smith
Alec Hargreaves Finn Rosser Callum Smith Max Buckley Alex Friend
Austen Hargreaves Fletcher Rosser Jonah McIntosh Max McDonald Charlotte Rosser
Lara Pasquinelli Lachie Forbes Luke Nannipieri Michael Rios O’Dwyer Leah Grant
Mia Lynch Rhiannan Gallagher Mikka Paulsen Jay Hall Leia Pywell
Saxon Rosser Riley McGillivray Will Redden Angus Smile Maddie Hewitt
Teo Dean Rory Miller Jake Grayson Carter Dines Amy Ditcham
Zoe Grayson Reuben Cocks-Wheaton Doreen Rinov
Robin Mack Tyler Earl Sophia Kloss
Tayib Hunter-Dunn       Ned Nicholson   Jet Walton   Niklas Wickmann
Emma Cave
1   2   3   4   Tessa Conn
Jules / Mark   Timo / Andy F   Jenny /   Sascha / Ty   Hannah Merrett
Taylor Atherstone Nicholas Patternotte Indigo Jones Luca Barthelmes
Tom Russell Sebastian Friend Tenley Brandon Loc Russell
Patrick Ferrito Kyle Thurston Josiah Prosser-Williams James Caling
Sonny Feltrin James Grant Emma Redden Brandon Paech
Lachie Rosser Yannick Paulsen Kian Price Alan Grasser
Nikolai Nannipieri Owen Pywell Joseph Crawley William Melloh
Ollie Chambers Cy Banks Shelby Palm Ewan Lodge
McKenzie Lynch Max Pelligrini Joe Vear Cody Wallace
Chloe Pasquinelli Jack Banks Marco Vear Aiden Hargreaves
Taya Harrison   Jai Graham   Charlotte Caling   Justin Wallace    
George Walker Eden Cocks-Wheaton Olivia Paul
Luca Witts Charlotte Chambers
1   2   3   4 5
Bec Feltrin / Scott   Carol / Arlene / Jon   Tim M / Fletcher R   Ric W / Andrew Palm ??
Christa Brandon Bodie McCabe Jared Maynard Sinta O’Donnell Zeke Pywell
Alivia Feltrin Cade McGregor Harper Wilson Bronte Palm Zeke Timbs
Holly Nicholson Max Graham Leonard Ciolli Ruby Williamson Archer McRae
Matilda Gabler Bailey Bradley Leon Gabler Penny Kelly Nyoka Cunico
Matea Roso Justin Wallace Joe Brewster Sam Devereaux Blake Brown
Nikita Dean James O’Dear Tadgh Miller Nathan Alexander Zanna Vietz
Ella Parmesan Blake McGregor Jack Buckley Agnes Miller
Jaz Brandon William McCrae Bailey O’Brien Kody Watkins
Millie Harding Ryan Alexander Isaac Pywell Tristan Rios O’Dwyer
Jemma Ditcham   Tai Noble   Oliver Kelly        
Kirra Mack Finn Devereaux
Zoe Ditcham

Final Round of Junior MTB Series

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the 2nd Alpine Cycling Club CyclePath Junior MTB Race Series; the kids who came along, whether they were winners or just having a go; the parents who bring the kids and help out with marshaling, timing, setting up, packing down and cooking BBQ; Michael Pearce for bringing his coffee van down today; and of course Brendan and Dee from CyclePath for their generous sponsorship of the race and provision of really amazing prizes for the end of the series. It is gratifying to see so many kids from 3 – 16 coming out to have a go at racing, showing great sportsmanship and attitude – the future of cycling in Bright is strong – well done to everyone and to the Club for supporting these events.

Mystic Closed – Sat, Feb 13th


HVP Plantations have advised that due to extreme fire danger a forest closure of all plantations including Mystic MTB Park will be in place for SATURDAY 13 FEBRUARY.

In accordance with licensing agreements this means that all planned activities; including mountain bike riding, trail running, paragliding and trail maintenance should be postponed.