New Brush Cutter

Many thanks to Bolton Motorcycles and Power Equipment for supplying us with a new chainsaw and combination brush-cutter, hedge-trimmer and pole saw. Not to mention associated safety equipment. All at wholesale prices. This will help the track fairies do their work. Bolton Motorcycles

Dirt Crits

Tuesday 3rd Nov Dirt Crits AKA The Bright “burn” Cup Dirt Crits
(cos if your legs are not burning you are not trying hard enough)

We were blessed with super weather and another great turnout of smiling faces from Bright cyclists readying themselves for pleasure & pain. You know my prayers are only going to the right place. And might I add the only time there appeared to be any facial expressions other than smiles a mile wide was whilst racing, they were normal self-imposed grimaces in the act of bike racing, amen.

20 B & C graders lined up, which is maybe a little bit more than usual. But we were a bit short on A grade from the norm, with only 6 racers. There were 26 entrants but no people from out of town and there may have been a few that forget to sign on!!

The A grade race was a cracker again even with such few numbers. After a few laps 4 riders set up the peloton that was to decide the podium. Callum Grant must get a mention for his tenacity in hanging on with that group & give his last gasp sprint for the podium to claim the spot just down from 2nd, chapeau Callum.

Tom Foolery was on the start line for B grade. This resulted in Scott Brandon having a very slow start, and he just does not have that low down diesel torque to tow the hangers on with him. Don’t know if I would be pulling that sort of prank with my local Brewer?? I’d blame that little graze on them Scott. Phew! where did Kieran Cave come from?? He was well in the lead at the half way mark in B grade and only had the horizon behind when he came over the line for the win.

Maybe a B+ grade team of Teagan, Callum, perhaps Kieran, & Will if he is healed, could form a nice little train to give the A graders a fright next week?? There’s some speed there.

Sausages and Burgers by Jon may be the next big catering thing in town. Thank you Jon for putting on a great feed & drinks for our inaugural Bright”burn ” Cup racing carnival. We’re looking for the next young lady to take out the A grade to break some more records around here.

There is only one race to go and it looks like consistency will see the two brand new ACC shirts go to the current leaders, maybe. And of course the C graders new jersey will come out of the hat.

I have compiled the current standings up to this race 4 in the series of 5 races. As I am not able to score the placings below 1, 2, & 3, I have simply given the winner 3pts, 2nd place 2pts & 3rd place 1 pt.

I have used the current course for ease of setting up and breaking down every night, accessibility for all riders and location for shade at the start finish, amongst other things. If people want to change or adjust things we can talk. I think there may be scope for another 5 race series before Christmas, what does anyone think? I would not mind having a race myself, but am willing to help set up & break down every evening. If you have any suggestions or want to see how running it goes give me a call.

A Grade
1. Mark McDougall
2. Callum Grant
3. Doug Devereux

B Grade
1. Kieran Cave
2. Scott Brandon
3. Rihannan Gallagher